Nic Frasse-Sombet

Sales Director – EMEA Escode, Part of NCC Group

Nic Frasse-Sombet is a seasoned Sales Director with a distinguished career spanning over 21 years, specialising in the field of escrow services within the financial sector. As the Sales Director for the EMEA region at NCC Group, Nic brings a wealth of expertise and insight to the table, garnered through years of dedicated service in the industry.

With a primary focus on escrow solutions, Nic has spent more than a decade managing transition arrangements for third-party suppliers, particularly for globally critical financial institutions. His extensive experience in navigating the complexities of these arrangements has earned him a reputation for excellence and reliability among clients and industry peers alike.

Nic’s specialisation lies in serving financial institutions across the EMEA region, with a particular emphasis on key markets such as Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. His understanding of the regulatory landscape, coupled with his knack for tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer, has positioned him as a strategic partner in the financial services community.