Workshop 4: Cultivating a Strategic Mindset

This workshops focuses on a part of the full executive program, which takes place on July 7 (Click here for details).


In today’s fast-paced business environment, cultivating a strategic mindset is highly valuable for professionals in any industry, especially banking and financial services. Whether you’re working for a world leading incumbent bank, a fintech startup, or a challenger bank, knowing how to break down complex projects into manageable pieces, communicate effectively, and align stakeholders can make a huge difference in your success as a leader.

Overcoming Overwhelm

One of the biggest benefits of learning these skills is that it can help you overcome the feeling of overwhelm that often comes with taking on big projects or start new ventures. By breaking down the project into smaller tasks and communicating with stakeholders effectively, you can provide clarity to senior leadership or investors and add value to your organization.

Experiential Learning

What sets apart a good project management course is experiential learning, and that’s precisely what this program offers. By learning a tool and applying it to a real business situation, you’ll receive feedback not only from the instructors but also from your peers who have a wealth of experience in the financial services sector. This approach is highly effective in helping you retain what you learn and apply it in your work.

Wide Applicability

Another unique feature of this executive program is its wide applicability. The tools you learn can be applied to different types of business situations, from working with innovation teams in large incumbent banks to two-person startup teams at challenger banks and fast developing banks in emerging markets. Having a toolkit that’s adaptable to different environments is a valuable asset in any professional setting.


In conclusion, learning to cultivate your strategic mindset can be a game-changer in your career as a leader. By overcoming overwhelm, gaining experiential learning, and having a toolkit that’s widely applicable, you can add value to your organization and stand out as a valuable asset to your team.

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