Special price 1500 euro cross 750 euro

Video + photos + publications 

300K+ reach, top management in financial services, Benelux and Europe

Welcome to Welcome to Money20/20 Amsterdam! We, The Banking 50, are media partners of Money20/20 and invite you to do an interview at Money20/20. 

The Banking 50, is a 12 year old executive business community for leaders in the banking and finance. We are a finance and technology HUB based in Amsterdam for financial market players worldwide.

By focusing on both content creation and effective distribution, The Banking 50 ensures that your videos reach the right audience, generate powerful links to your website, and ultimately help you achieve your business objectives.

Interviews with Leaders of the Financial Sector during Money20/20

1. Interview can be done at your stand or in the event area;

2. Alongside our cameraman works a professional photographer who will shoots during the entire interview. These shoots will be published via our channels The Banking 50 immediately (reach 300K+, top management contacts in financial services, Benelux and Europe), photos will be provided to you within 2 days;

3. Interview will edited and provided to you within 1 week. The interview will be also published via our channels (reach 300K+, top management contacts in financial services, Benelux and Europe).

Photos from you and your stand (you can do photos with your team too) we will include in our Money20/20 overview, which we publish on our site, newsletter, social media channels.

The cost for this package Є1500 Euros, but for all Money20/20 participants we give a 50% discount, so for you only Є750. 

Let us know as soon as possible, because many places are pre-booked already. 


70% Bankers, 25% tech companies (Founders, CEO, Regional Heads), 5% others.

Geography: 40% Netherlands, 45% Europe, 15% Rest of World

Job titles: Top management of banks, CEO, CxO, EVP, VP, Director

Functional Areas: Digital transformation, innovation, data, platforms, and similar.

We cover the technical side of banking, and as such have an audience predominantly in this area. As a banking community we organise events for bankers in Europe for over 12 years. In addition to our newsletter (45,000 people financial sector), we use social media channels and our website. 

BE SEEN, BE KNOWN, BE RECOGNISED, Build your Brand with The Banking 50