Arkadia Translations

Networking Partner

Arkadia Translations is an LSP with offices in Brussels (managing the LSP’s relationships with Benelux clients) and Milan. We have worked in the industry for over 20 years and our core business is specialised translation in the premium areas of fashion, financial   and legal fields, as well as marketing and communication.

Our translations are entrusted to native speakers who are specialists in the topic and edited by an in-house revisor who checks the translation for syntactical, terminological, spelling and stylistic correctness and, above all, content accuracy, working in partnership with the client.

We hold three certificates that vouch for the quality of our translation and interpreting services (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2017, UNI 15074:2007) and we offer our expertise to companies working in many sectors, enjoying strong working partnerships with clients such as BPER Bank Luxembourg, BNY Mellon, Intesa Sanpaolo and D’Ieteren Group.

As regards translation and localisation, our linguistic experts can translate financial statements, legal documents, articles, product sheets, documents for the launch of new products, company presentations and press releases . We also offer related services such as desktop publishing (DTP) and video-editing, to allow the production of translated files ready for publication, subtitling, voiceovers and dubbing.

Different clients chose us because our LSP guarantees:

  • project management (also of large-scale tasks) without the dispersion of information, effort or resources (financial and otherwise).
  • the services of a Project Manager who can coordinate all the work stages, establish the time requirements and cost of a translation project, select the most appropriate team and act as a single point of reference for updates, changes, requests for draft editing or any feedback on the work delivered, and update the reference glossary or related translations.
  • management of any key terminology for the project, with the creation of specific glossaries. The terminology experts create glossaries containing any specific terminology used by the client to guarantee maximum consistency and accuracy, also between documents from different departments of the same company/group.